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Just listening to an album that nearly killed me by its sound! I cannot really categorize the music - it’s a steamroller of riffs with crunchy vocals - although pretty often melodic, suddenly turning to noise - simply ingenious - ...

(Audioforum, Kellerkind)

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REAWACAN had been founded in 2017 by Dan Krieger (guitars, bass, vocals) and Marco Gebert (drums).

The project members first met in the early 90s. At that time, Marco joined IMMORTALIS and Dan ABSZESS. After both bands played together on a gig they soon departed at the same time. 

Accompanied by other members, LACRIMA CHRISTI was born in 1994.
After 10 years, one demo tape, two long players and some touring through Europe they finally dissolved.

After having a long creative break, Marco and Dan reunited in 2017 to express their contemporary visions of musicality. The sum of all those free-spirited sound experiments have been forged to the self titled debut album REAWACAN.

REAWACAN play stylistically variable sorts of Metal, ranging from groovy and melodic to Old School Death Metal and even Progressive elements. Each song is an individual cosm and has its own tone…

We are proud to be „A Category of its Own“!

„We are back

We are reawoken


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